The Importance of Finding Solutions, Not Bankrupting

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Debt Collecting- What Options Do You Have?

When you’re working as revenue support staff, you’re going to be dealing with a number of people at any given time. It is your responsibility to help them find the solutions that they need to get the best possible outcome. The job is not always easy, but definitely possible when you take the time to consider all of your options.

Remember, the situations you are helping to handle are delicate and require tactfulness.

Being Kind

Being kind is absolutely essential in making sure that you are offering help in the best way. Honesty is key to helping find a valid solution, and gaining the trust of those who find themselves in difficult times.

It is important to remember that you are searching for a solution, not trying to bankrupt anyone. The main thing to focus on and consider is the needs of the person who requires help and finding a mutually beneficial result for both parties.

There is no kindness in forcing someone to agree to a repayment plan which will ultimately cause them financial ruin. The best outcome is something that they can feasibly afford to repay. Being kind and taking the time to understand each situation is key to being successful in this role.

Consider Bailiffs the Last Resort

If you are going to provide somebody with a solution to their debt problem, you must make sure that you are putting the bailiff course of action at the bottom of the pile.

Sending a Bailiff to forcibly collect the money is a tactic which was more effective in the past. However, in a more modern, sympathetic revenue support world, it is far more advantageous to make using bailiffs the final option over an immediate solution.

Ultimately, this ties in with being kind and finding a compromise to assist those who require help in the best way.

Compromise Where You Can

Many people will assume that the world of debt collection is a rigid and inflexible process. However, if you show a willingness to compromise where you can, then there will be rewards that can come from such compassion and mercy.

Compromise is not a loss, it is a willingness to show empathy for the situation and circumstances of the other person in the conversation. Even if the desired outcome is not the first that you searched for, consider that it is better than no solution at all. There will be many instances where it is important to focus on finding a peaceful solution, often in the form of a long-term repayment plan. Your dealings are with human beings who you should empathise with- everyone deserves respect.

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